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Welcome from Nicechem Co.,Ltd.

If you have any requests that are not in our listing, please do not hesitate to call anytime, and we will gladly assist you. We work tirelessly to locate and source new materials in our expanding product line as part of commitment to our service to you. 



Chitin series:
Food grade chitosanHigh density chitosanWater soluble chitosanChitosan OligosaccharideIndustrial Grade Chitosan

D-Glucosamine HydrochlorideD-Glucosamine Sulfate(2Nacl)D-Glucosamine Sulfate(2Kcl)N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine

Food grade Additives:

Dried Malt ExtractLiquid Malt ExtractDark Dried Malt ExtractSupreme Dried Malt ExtractNisin | ε-Polylysine,ε-PL

Sorbic AcidPotassium SorbateCalcium SorbateDehydroacetic AcidBenzoic AcidPotassium Benzoate

LactateAspartame GranulaBovine hydrolyzed collagenFish collagen powder |  

Plant Extracts:

Stevioside Ginkgo Biloba ExtractGreen Tea ExtractGrape seed ExtractRhodiola Rosea ExtractResveratrolShikimic Acid

Red Clover ExtractBilberry ExtractKudzu ExtractPine Bark ExtractAlpha-Lipoic acid | Msm | 5-HTP | D-RiboseHMB Ca

Creatine Mono | L-typtophenL-(DL-)Methionine

Medicine intermediate:
Cefotiam HydrochlorideCefpiramide acidCeftezole acidCefepime hydrochlorideCefpirome Sulfate | Cephathiamidinum

Agricultural chemicals intermediate:

fludioxonil N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide(IR3535) Nitendyrambenthiavalicarb-isopropylTefluthrin | metofluthrin

Bromoethane | α-Pinen 97% | Camphene 80% Tricobalt tetraoxideCo3O4


Chitosan series:
We export this product more than 2000mt