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Chitosan series
  • Food grade chitosan
  • Industrial grade chitosan
  • Pharma grade chitosan
  • Feed grade chitosan
  • High density chitosan
  • High MW Chitosan
  • Chitosan capsules
  •      Chitosan Derivative 
  • Water soluble chitosan 
  • Chitosan lactate 
  • Chitosan hydrochloride 
  • Carboxymethyl chitosan 
  • Hydroxypropyl chitosan 
  • Chitosan ester serial
  •      Special chitosan
  • Flocculation chitosan
  • Antibiotic chitosan
  • Fresh-keeping chitosan
  • Paper-making chitosan
  • Adhesive chitosan
  •      Chitosan Oligosaccharide
  • Chitosan Oligosaccharide
  • Agriculture Oligosaccharide
  • Chitosan oligosaccharide capsules 
    Chitosan is made from the Alaskan deep-sea crab. The production process includes the following steps: decalcification, deproteinization, decolor and deacetylation. It can activate the cell, guard against diseases and improve the immunity of the human body. So, it is also called the sixth vital factor for the human life and is widely used in medicine, health care, food industry, chemical industry concerned with everyday life.

     Application of Chitosan:

     Wastewater Tresement 
    -Removed of Metel lons
    -Plocculent Coagulant
    -Amino Acids

     Food Industry 
    -Colour Stabitation
    -Animal Food Additive
    -Pemouned of Dye Suspounded

    -Blood Cholestrol Control
    -Controlled Release of Drugs
    -Skin Bum
    -Contact Lens
    -Seed Coating
    -Controlled Ageochemical Release

    -Cell Recovery
    -Cell Immobilization
    -Enzyme Immobilization

    -Face ,Hand and Body Creams
    -Beth Lotion

     Pulp and paper 
    -Surface Treatment
    -Photographic Paper.


    -Permeability Control
    -Reverse Osmesis