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Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program
Nicechem is one of the earliest China-based sourcing solution providers applying the total quality assurance concept to real practices. We always go the extra miles to make sure the quality check mechanism is in place and at work.
We mainly focus on three SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) in our Quality Assurance Program.

Supplier Approval: We purchased only from approved supplier, and we set up standard procedure to approve/re-approve a supplier. Nicechem relies more on our own on-site observations, so as to identify potential risks, and design the suitable QC measures to reduce quality risks in the subsequent operations.

Quality Control :Nicechem's unique product ID system and SAP/ERP system are applied throughout various steps of business operations to avoid human errors, and to ensure traceability. We inspect every shipment on package, pallet, label, state of goods and containers, loading process. We determine the level & extent of pre-shipment sample testing according to supplier's classifications.

Customer’s Complaint & Claim Handling: For every complaint, we analyze and determine the causes of the non-conformity, provide solutions and verify the correction effect, then re-qualify and re-classify suppliers to intensify quality control for future shipments.

To ensure these three SOPs to be fully implemented, we put continuous efforts in updating our analytical labs, QA enhancement facilities and professional personnel to meet the high standard of the quality system requirements.