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CAS NO:501-36-0


Giant knotweed rhizome along with root belonging to polygonum, pdygonaceae is a kind of perennial herb.It is mainly produced in Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Anhui,Jiangxi etc. Cuspidatin,purple extract powder derived from it tastes bitter with cool character. Following is its application: 1. promoting blood circulation and relieving pain in menopause, Arthralgia due to wind-cold-dampness and traumatic injury; 2. Clearing away pathogenic heat and dampness in moist heat ICT and leukorrhagia; 3. Clearing away heat and expelling toxin in scald,sore and carbuncle as well as snakebite. 4. Stopping coughing and resolving phlegm in curing the lung heat. 5. Clearing away heat and loosing the bowels in caring the constipation resulting from heat.


Additional elucidation:


The specifications are as follows:
Product name:Giant knotweed extract;
Botanical name: polygonum cuspidatum sieb
Part used: rhizome
Particle size: 80mesh
Loss on drying: ≤5.0%
Heavy Metals: ≤ 5ppm
Lead : ≤ 1ppm

Arsenic: ≤ 1ppm
Cadmium: ≤ 0.1ppm
Mercury: ≤ 0.1ppm
Total plate count: < 1000cuf/G
Yeasts and molds: < 100cuf/G
E.Coli: negative
Salmonella: negative
Staphylococcus: negative



(1)Resveratrol: ≥98%

(2)Resveratrol: ≥50%

(3)Resveratrol: ≥25%